Solstad Green Operations

The Solstad fuel campaign has been a great success and we now wish to introduce another incentive to the participants of the campaign. As a shipping company, Solstad is consequently responsible for large quantities of exhaust gas emissions. The major component in these emissions is CO2 which is a green house gas and is believed to be an important contributing factor in global warming. We have therefore a corporate responsibility to strive to reduce our negative impact through fuel campaigns and technical improvements in ship design, etc.

However, as the vessels will, at least for several decades to come, be fueled primarily by hydrocarbon products, CO2 will always be emitted. On a global scale, one of the most important factors in the process of reducing CO2 to the atmosphere is protection of rainforest areas.

It is well known that deforestation of rainforest areas cause large amount of CO2 to be freed (i.e. through burning). Even worse, as the rainforest naturally absorbs large quantities of CO2, cutting trees will stop that process. One hectare of rainforest contains about 550 tons of CO2 in the trees and plant above the ground (55 kg CO2/m2).

To help the local population and societies living in the rainforest in the effort to preserve these valuable areas, Solstad has decided to contribute through the Rainforest Foundation Norway (No: Regnskogfondet).

Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN) supports indigenous peoples of the world’s rainforests in their effort to protect their forest.  RFN supports projects in ten countries in all three rainforest continents. RFN works closely with more than 100 local partners.

Therefore, the Solstad Green Operations campaign is hereby extended to also include rainforest preservation on the following terms:

For each ‘Green Operation’ that is recorded in our system, Solstad Offshore will pay RFN for protection of 1000 m2 of rainforest for one year.

The potential CO2 emissions contained in about 650 hectare of rainforest is about 360,000 tons. (650 hectare = 6500 Norwegian ‘mål’) This is approximately the same amount of CO2 as the Solstad fleet discharge every year.

We have therefore set a goal where we will try to reach 6500 Green Operations every year. This means that we help prevent the same amount of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere as we emit from the fleet.

The ship with the most Green Operations is published every quarter and the number is reset to zero. However, the amount of rainforest land area earned for each Green Operation is accumulated throughout the year. This award will go to the ship that has contributed to protection of the largest land area and is given in addition to the existing quarterly ‘Greenest Ship’ award.

Each vessel should just continue recording Green Operations as usual. The amount of rainforest protected per vessel, and other useful information will be available on: