Solstad Green Operations (SGO) campaign continues at full strength

NorCe Endeavour managed to follow up the good SGO score seen in the previous quarter with another top position. In Q3 – 2015 the NorCe Endeavour recorded a total of 610 SGO. The recordings from Endeavour resulted in 27 pages with green activities on board, including  more than 1000 recordings, and a mix between small and major savings.

On second place we find Normand Master (483 SGO) who has been doing a good job, not only with the SGO recordings but also Unisea 14001 in general, always trying to keep a nice and up to date 14001 database. On third place this time we have Normand Mermaid (290 SGO), first time ever on top 3, SGO shirts already on its way.


During Q3- 2015 the NorCe Endeavour started de-mobilisation of equipment after finishing the 2015 Chevron Offshore Intallation program. NorCe Endeavour’s current position is Singapore, performing various work on board, testing and preparing for the Chevron 2016 Offshore Installation program. On board we have daily initiatives that triggers a green operation, and the crew is doing a great job for the charter and for Solstad, it is therefore a great pleasure to announce the barge as the third quarter SGO winner.

Both the Normand Master and Normand Mermaid, respectivily second and third place, have a good attitude on board towards recording and keeping the vessel ready for all possible situations that may accur.

Q3 – 2015 was another quality quarter from our fleet, and a total of 5.974 Solstad Green Operations were recorded. We hereby  remind everyone that we operate in a challenging market these days, but still our vessels are doing a great job with the green operations. It is now more than ever a time to stand out in a positive way, and to do fuel and emission saving operations is one way of doing this, on top of safe and excellent service to our customers. Due to the size of our company and the fact that we burn fuel in all parts of the world, it is important for us to act responsably and limit the emissions of CO2 and other harmfull substanses. With this in mind we have for several years now been supporting the Rainforest foundation Norway with our Green Operations program. The cleanest and most efficient remover of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere actually comes free – our green plants and trees.

Moving over to our SGO competition again, we have divided all vessels into classes, in which they compete informally against each other, to make it easier to rank the vessels. The first class will be the PSV class, 173 SGO recorded in Q3 – 2015 by the number one vessel Normand Arctic. Normand Flipper number two with 168 SGO recorded and Normand Carrier with a fine third position, down one place from previous quarter, with 155 SGO reported into Unisea 14001.

In the OCV class, Normand Mermaid, 290 SGO, continues to impress and constantly improving, best in class, but just 1 SGO more than Normand Reach on second place with 289 SGO, close race. Third in the class of OCVs and up one place this quarter we find Nor Valiantwith 248 SGO.

For our anchor handling vessels, AHTS, we find as no surprise Normand Master on top, 483 SGO, Nor Chief, rock solid on second place, 229 SGO, and Norman Mariner, with a solid jump on the ranking this time on third, 169 SGO. Well done to all!

The total fleet fuel consumption in Q3 – 2015 was 39.562 m³, compared to 47.331 m³ of fuel consumtoption same time  last year..