Persistent high pressure in our energy efficient Solstad Green Operations campaign

NorCe Endeavour has for the first time managed to take the top position in our SGO campaign (407 SGO) in Q2 – 2015. The barge has been among the top 5 stations for a long time now with many recordings every day into our Unisea 14001 system. The crew on board NorCe Endeavour have shown its commitment to the environment, and also shown that systematic SGO approach can be beneficial. Normand Master (375 SGO) has been pushed down to second place with Normand Fortress (263 SGO) on a fine third place this quarter.

NorCe Endeavour joined the campaign in June 2013 and have from day one been active chasing those green operations. Notwithstanding the limited number of consuming engines on board they still manage to save both energy and emissions. The price money (NOK 5.000) has been given to their welfare fund on board.

NorCe Endeavour started working for Chevron during the 2nd quarter of 2015, and seems to have a good cooperation with the client regarding what can be done in order to save fuel and emissions. On board we have daily initiatives that triggers a green operation, and the crew is doing a great job for the charter and for Solstad, therefor there is great pleasure in announcing the barge as the 2nd quarter SGO winner.

Not to forget, the runners up, Normand Master, we all know what she can do, and Normand Fortress, been top 10 for a long time now, glad to see her chasing the top position.

One of the most pressing and urgent problems we face today is Climate Change, no doubt about that, still discussions ongoing why this is happening and what is causing this relatively sudden change in our climate, this will go on for a long time. Meanwhile SGO can be used on board all our vessels and barge to minimize the impact our operations has to the environment, disregard the outcome from these discussions, it make sense to save fuel.

Q2 – 2015 was another quality quarter from our fleet, 5.240 Solstad Green Operations were registered. I will remind everyone that we operate in a challenging market these days, but still our vessels are doing a great job with the green operations. It is now more than ever a time to stand out in a positive way, and to do fuel and emission saving operations is one way of doing this, on top of safe and excellent service to our customers.

Over to the “best in class” vessels. We have set up a competition where all PSVs are competing with each other, same with anchor handlers and our construction vessels. Knock out by Normand Corona in the PSV class, 260 SGO recorded during this period. Normand Carrier and Normand Arctic, almost side by side, but this time Carrier took the 2nd place with 115 SGO and Normand Arctic 113 SGO.

In the OCV class, no surprise Normand Fortress (263 SGO) took all fame and glory this time. Normand Flower has started the climb towards the very top, she recorded 237 green operations. Third place goes to Normand Oceanic (214 SGO) who is also improving every quarter, congratulations to all.

Over to the competition between our anchor handling vessels, Normand Master (274 SGO) still on top, almost undefeated in this category and guards this position every quarter. Nor Chief, status quo, on a comfortable second place (229 SGO) Normand Titan has taken a giant leap this quarter and sits perfectly on third place (161 SGO) congratulations!

The total fleet fuel consumption in Q2 – 2015 was 42.135m³, same time last year Q2 – 2014 our fleet consumed 42.822m³ of fuel world wide.