NorCe Endeavour with top rank at year-end.

NorCe Endeavour will be hard to move in our Green Operations campaign. A total of 785 fuel saving operations registered in Q4-2015 gave her the top position this time.


The NorCe Endeavour has for a long time been a good contributor to our campaign, which is excellent and much appreciated. Second place and for the first time we congratulate the crew on-board Nor Valiant with all time high position for a Nor Vessel in our Green Operations campaign, in fact it is only the Nor Chief who has managed to be this high up on the overall ranking. The Nor Valiant managed to produce 262 SGO in this quarter.

Normand Flower is another “comeback” vessel with a nice third place this time. We need to go all the way back to Q2-2014 to find her previous top position. Normand Flower has been operating in the US Gulf area this quarter for Oceaneering International, working with both construction and ROV work.

In total for Q4 – 2015, 4334 Solstad Green Operations were registered, this is over 45 Green Operations done every day and equal to over 100 m3 of fuel being saved every day or NOK 150.000,- saved for our customers. Calculating average and benchmark this result will be hard this time due to low activity level in some areas, best thing here is that we are still managing to record Green Operations, despite this situation.

Solstad Offshore is supporting the Norwegian Rainforest Foundation with the work they do around the world. Rainforest Foundation Norway supports indigenous peoples and traditional populations of the world’s rainforests in their efforts to protect their rainforests and secure their rights to their land. The destruction of rainforest accounts for one fifth of global emissions of greenhouse gases. For every SGO submitted by our vessels, Solstad Offshore supports the Rainforest foundation for the protection of 1.000 m2 of rainforest for one year. SGO can be used on-board all our vessels and barge to minimize the impact our operations has to the environment, it is a small contribution you may say, but 40 vessels doing the same thing, it all adds up. In Q4 – 2015 we prevented about 30.000 tons of Co2 emissions into our atmosphere, this is a lot, compared to doing nothing.

To end this summary a short SGO class competition summary will follow. Normand Arctic came as number one in the PSV class 122 SGO. Normand Aurora following with 98 SGO then Normand Flipper chasing behind, third place with 95 SGO. Nor Valiant, no surprise, has the lead in OCV 262 SGO, then we have Normand Flower 249 SGO and Normand Oceanic 193 SGO. For our anchor handling vessels, Nor Chief is still number one 206 SGO, with Normand Ivan 127 SGO and Normand Master 124 SGO.

The fuel consumption in Q4 – 2015 was 30.760 m3, compared to Q3 – 2015 39.562 m3, looking at the same period last year Q4 – 2014 Solstad used 46.521 m3.