Husøy base

Our offshore base at Husøy in Karmøy offers a range of service activities for our vessels. Here is some practical information about Husøy base and its facilities.
The base is manned by 2-3 persons.

There are 2 quays:
Quay 1: 120 meter long (North/South)
Quay 2: 75 meter long (East/West)
Both quays has a minimum depth of 10 meters, going down to 25 meters.
Both quays are ISPS approved.
We arrange water supply (50m3 pr. hour)
One of the quays has a crane with a capacity of 3 tons@13 meter.
Our quay bollards has a strength of SWL 50 tonn.
One bollard with SWL strength of 100 tons
Testing-weights of 2,12.5 and 25 tons.
Certified lifting spot – for testing of cranes and A-frames, etc (SWL 300 tons)
Testing-shackles with capacity of 300 tons (remote reading)
Can deliver electricity off 440 V 260 kW 60Hz and 440 V 360 kW and 50 Hz.

General information
Husøy base is an ISPS approved terminal, with 24/7 video surveillance.
One storage facility of 210 m2 (not heated) inside ISPS area.
One storage facility of 850 m2 (heated) outside ISPS area.
One truck with lifting capacity of 8 tons.
Lift for personnel with 26 meters capacity.

Other facilities in the area:
Haugesund Airport – 4 km
Airport hotel – 1 km
Haugesund – 8 km
Solstad HQ Skudeneshavn – 20 km
Åkra Trålbøteri – 100 meter
Wrist Skipshandel – 500 meter
TESS – 500 meter
TNR – 500 meter
KTM Shipping – 500 meter
Marine Aluminum – 200 meter
HED (Hillevåg Elekro Diesel) – 500 meter
Westcon Elektro – 500 meter
Euro Supply – 3 km
Vico – 3 km
Viking Lifesaving Equip – 200 meter
Miljøservice Vest – 3 km
Sarens Kranservice – 500 meter

Remember to submit your crewlist before arrival due to ISPS regulations (Crewlist plus 10 last ports of call)